Real Estate Brokerage

Trahan Group has you covered when it comes to getting the best deal for your property across the entire range of the real estate universe. We specialize in land, residential, office buildings, income properties, restaurants, shopping centers and businesses in Lafayette, LA and the surrounding areas. But far more than that, we specialize in making the sale of your property the successful personal and financial experience that you dreamed it would be. You deserve to have high expectations of both the outcome and the process of getting your real estate brokerage needs met. That begins with attentive personal service from the moment we meet you. From that point on, we’ll guide you each step of the way to successful completion of your deal. We are a leading real estate dealerbroker, and property managing company in the area.

And there’s more! Our comprehensive real estate solutions include guiding investors to income-producing properties. Thus, we are often in touch with buyers who are in fact looking for you. These people are seeking you at the same time you are trying to find them! Our experience, ultra-personal service and perfect positioning in the industry make Trahan  Group the only logical choice to completely serve your brokerage needs in Lafayette, LA. Let us represent you in negotiating your best deal. Don’t wait! Contact us now.


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